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So, this is the time of the year when we get calls from clients telling us they have no or very little hot water from the solar panels generating from the sun. It seems crazy for us to be using the electric boiler during...

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Solar water-heating system

Living in a hot country might have its disadvantages with hot, sweaty summers, but when it comes to solar generated hot water, it really is a big plus. With eight or nine sunny months in most of the country, we need to understand how...

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High water bills?

We get a lot of calls from clients complaining of high water bills they have received from the water company on a specific month or over several months. We would like to suggest a few checks you can do yourselves in order to try to...

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So, winter, it seems has arrived. We recently had a heavy bout of rain accompanied by a freeze, resulting in extensive water damage, flooding and freezing solar panels in several neighborhoods. The morning after heavy rain, we get a lot of calls from clients...

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