The limescale factor

So, this is the time of the year when we get calls from clients telling us they have no or very little hot water from the solar panels generating from the sun. It seems crazy for us to be using the electric boiler during these hot months of the year.

If you are not getting hot water from the sun, it is likely your solar panels or circulation pipes are clogged with limescale. As we know, there are high quantities of limescale in our water and it hardens and gets into all our water related appliances. In some cases we are able to flush the panels. In others, there is no other choice but to replace the panels.

We can avoid these problems or certainly slow down the limescale build-up process by installing a whole house water filter on the mains. Our high quality filters have a dual purpose. They both stop the sand, rust and dirt from getting into your system and they soften the water on the way into the house, reducing the limescale content. This will in turn protect your water appliances (boiler, solar panels, washing machine, faucets etc.) from scaling. We believe that in the long term, this is cost effective!

For more information on the filters we offer, feel free to click on or to call us on 052-8983396.

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