A word of advice before the first rain

A word of advice before the first rain……

Although it seems like rain is unlikely at the moment, it’s well worth preparing now for that unexpected moment!

BALCONY drains tend to BLOCK very easily because they are relatively small drains. They are though, the easiest to maintain. Before the winter, or when you know we are expecting rain, give your balcony a good sweep, make sure there is nothing covering your balcony drain or that could potentially float over to cover the drain.

Lift the DRAIN cover off (with the help of a screw driver) and remove anything you can reach in the drain. You can then take a garden hose or a few buckets of water to check the drain is clear and in working order. Although this does not guarantee you will not have a blockage, it can certainly go a long way towards avoiding them. Balconies that flood due to heavy rain can often result in the house flooding as well as leaks into the ceiling below due to the sheer weight of water that accumulates.