Water Filtration Systems

Double whole-house filtration system

There are two  primary ways to improve your water quality:

Whole House Filtration Systems

The quality of water coming in to our homes is far from satisfactory. With the high content of rust, sand, stones and lime scale in our water, ACPS provides, installs and maintains whole house water filter systems in order to clean the water and reduce the lime scale content before it gets in to your house and your appliances. The systems we install will protect your boiler and solar panels, washing machine, dishwashers, faucets and…..well, just about anything that comes in to contact with water.

In the long term, we believe that this can also save you money on electricity and maintenance bills.

Single Dual-Purpose Filter:
This is our most popular filter. Installed next to the water meter on the main inlet to the house, this compact filter system, combines a pre-filter as well as small siliphos pebbles. It filters out dirt, sand, rust & other large particles as well as softens the water on the way into the house, reducing the limescale content and protecting your water appliances.

Double Whole-House Filter:
This is a second option we offer for those that have enough space next to their water meter. It consists of two filter housings, one with a pre-filter that removes the sand, dirt, rust and other large particles. The second housing consist of a full cartridge of sliphos stones which softens the water on the way into the house reducing the limescale content and protecting your water appliances.

AP420 Dual Purpose Filter Cartridge:
This high quality dual-purpose filter cartridge, is a compact combination of a pre-filter that removes the sand, dirt, rust and other large particle form the water. It also softens the water on the way in to your house reducing the limescale content, protecting your boiler, solar panels, washing machine and all your other water related appliances.


Price – 250 NIS
Mail and packaging – 30 NIS

For further details or to order please fill in the form provided or give us a call.

למסנן האיכותי הזה יש מטרה כפולה. הוא שילוב קומפקטי שמסיר את החול, הלכלוך, החלודה וחלקיקים גדולים מהמים בכניסה לבית . הוא גם מרכך את המים בדרך לבית שלך ומפחית תכולת האבנית , מגן על הדוד שמש, קולטים, מכונת כביסה וכל מכשירים הקשורים למים בבית

מחיר 250 ש”ח
משלוח 30 ש”ח

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Drinking Water Filters

With the high quantities of chlorine, cysts, bacteria, bad tastes and odors in our tap water, our under-sink water filter, usually installed as an in-line system, will give you great tasting, clean and healthy drinking water for you and your family. Living in a country with a hot climate, we drink a lot of water most of the year-round.

We can certainly save you a lot of money you might be spending on mineral or bottled water, by providing, installing and maintaining a compact under-the-sink filtration system.

Under Counter Drinking Water Filter System:
This is a single stage under-counter drinking water system with an activated carbon powder high quality filter cartridge (0.5 microns) It filters out chlorine, bacteria, cysts, bad tastes & odors, giving you great tasting water. Why pay all that money for mineral or bottled water? Although we usually install this system directly connected to the cold water line to you kitchen faucet, there is an option of installing a separate filter tap. It will require making an additional hole in the kitchen counter top.

3-Stage drinking water filter:

This high quality filtration system comprises of three filter cartridges  and a separate filter tap.  The first is a pre-filter which removes the sand, dirt,rust and other particles, the second is an activated carbon filter removing chlorine, bacteria and cysts. The third is a taste & odor filter. It is located under the kitchen counter and requires a hole to be made in the counter-top.



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