Testimonial – Yeshivat Lev HaTorah

Here at Yeshivat Lev HaTorah campus we house ~100 students with dozens of plumbing systems, fixtures and accessories.

We have been using Ashley Coleman Plumbing for many, many years and have found Ashley’s team to be very prompt, reliable and above all – experienced professionals.

Ashley also makes any insurance involvement as smooth as possible and deals directly with the assessors for pre-approvals, post-reimbursements and status/picture updates throughout.

More recently, we decided to add a handicap bathroom on campus and were pleasantly surprised to find out that Ashley is in the plumbing/building business as well.

We put the work out for bid and chose Ashley over 3 other contractors.

From the get-go Ashley submitted orderly price quotes and dealt with all the sub-contractors – so we didn’t have to.

Additionally, when areas were outside his expertise, he did the research necessary to bring himself up to speed, so we would be sure to follow building code.

The first day on the job brought a major surprise when his workers uncovered a mainline water break!

This pushed our schedule back by only 1 day and we always felt we were in good hands.

Followup after the job was also thorough – e.g. Ashley’s office “hounded” a sub-contractor when one piece of equipment did not work as promised and needed replacing.

In short – we HIGHLY recommend using Ashley’s services!


Administrator, Yeshivat Lev HaTorah


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